Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Saving for a wedding

I don't think anyone is under any illusion that saving for a wedding is easy! As soon as the word wedding is mentioned the cost for things seems to be at least doubled.  Money starts leaving your hands from all directions.  I am in the middle of planning for my wedding and have found a few ways to cut back and even make some money.

  • Get cashback
To me this has to be one of the most important ways to save money. Topcashback allows you to earn cashback on nearly anything you buy online including insurance or flights and hotels for the honeymoon. Plus if you join now using the above link and earn £10 you get 500 tesco points.

  • Buy in bulk
We have saved £100s by finding this website.  Many items you buy for your wedding you need to buy more than one, we discovered this wholesale website and it saved us loads.  We had seen some things we wanted for our centerpieces and bought one on a well known website which charged us £25, we then found exactly the same thing on this website which was £7! We needed 10 of them so even though there is a minimum spend of £150 it was a huge saving for us and we were able to order lots of other items too.

  • Get paid to get fit
We all want to look good for our wedding, so why not get paid to get fit? Use apps like mapmyrun or similar or fitness bands then join bounts and sync them and get paid everytime you exercise!

  • Only invite those you want
It is so hard not to get sucked into inviting people that you feel you should or those that you are told you should, but often that increases numbers dramatically.  We both had family members that neither of us saw and who we felt we should invite however when we thought about numbers it meant that people that we saw often and want in our lives in the future, so we put our foot down and added them to the evening list instead.

  • Earn a bit of extra

There are plenty of websites that pay you to take surveys, watch videos or even play games.  My favourite of these is insta, you can quickly earn enough money to cash out.  If this is something you are interested in then have a look here for other ways to make a little extra.

Although planning a wedding can be a stressful time it is also supposed to be an enjoyable one so don't let money stand in the way of your perfect day!  Congratulations, I hope you and your fiance will be very happy together.

Friday, 13 December 2013

How I make at least £100 extra a month

We all want a little extra cash to be able to afford the things that we want/need, I am going to list the ways that I use the internet to help give me a bit of extra spending money or amazon vouchers.  Although I am based in the UK, most of the websites that I will mention can be accessed worldwide.  This post will give you step by step instructions on how you can also make a little extra money .  The tasks/offers do not require much brain work, I generally complete the tasks etc while watching tv.

Before opening accounts with any of these websites I suggest opening a new email account so you can use it to sign up to offers and not have to worry about your personal email account being filled with spam!

Topcashback-EVERYONE should have one of these accounts, it pays you when you buy online, this includes insurance, holidays, hotels, theatre tickets.  I have made over £1000 from this website alone!  It takes seconds to click through to the website you want and the money very quickly adds up.  There are even a lot of free offers.  Money can be paid directly into your account or receive  bonus if you get paid by giftcard. At the moment they are also offering 500 free tesco clubcard points if you sign up with this link. Remember to check back once your cashback has been confirmed to cash out!

Top Tip-look at the bingo or gambling sites.  Many pay good money just for signing up and depositing.  For example sign up and deposit £10 to tasty bingo and get £21 cashback.  Plus you have the chance to win.  Once you have signed up and played through the £10, just stop using the site and wait for your cashback to be added.  Please note the values of these change, I have had over £50 in the past for depositing just £10.

Instagc-this is probably my favourite of all the websites I use, it pays well for the tasks and you can cash out with as little as £1/$1 and you receive your giftcard instantly!  My only issue with this website is that they only pay with giftcards (unless in USA, then you can request checks)  However they pay with a wide range of giftcards and since I shop on Amazon a lot, I am more than happy.

Top Tip-use the radio, watch all the videos, complete tasks on crowd flower.  If you have a smart phone, download the apps as they pay very high and then delete them if you don't like them.  Have a look around, as there are lots of easy offers just for submitting an email address.  Have each website open in a different tab to save time and complete the tasks quickly.

Swagbucks-I like this website a lot, it pays a bonus if you earn a certain amount of points for so many days.  This is worth aiming for.  I generally just aim to reach the first target each day if I only have a limited time.  This website often runs different competitions or ways of earning extra points.  This website pays in both vouchers and via paypal although you need more points to be able to redeem paypal.

Top Tip-to get to the target each day, the easiest way is trying to win a search, you can search a for anything you like and generally you will win in under 10 searches, also watch the videos and play the games-play 10 games of anything and get 10 points.

Superpayme-this website is very similar to Instagc, it still pays quite well and has a range of tasks etc however it pays via paypal, so if you prefer to get paid in cash rather than giftcards then I would recommend this one to you.  If however you are happy to receive giftcards, then I suggest you have Instagc as your main website and use this one for the offers that or not duplicated like the 'paid to clicks'

Top Tip-Use the radio (does not matter if you use the radio on other websites too, just remember to put it on mute.)

Gifthulk-This is quite a fun website which can help top up the money, although it doesn't pay as highly as the others so I wouldn't worry about completing the offers on here as it will restrict you from completing them on other websites and earning more.  I use this one for the guess a card game mainly, try to earn more points to unluck more chips for the game as you can earn bonus points with the fountain of youth (foy) and can also win jokers. Do a few searches a day and watch gifthulk tv to help reach the next level of the game.

Top Tip-like this facebook for foy codes.

Bounts-If you are a fit person already or if you are looking for some motivation to get fit then this is for you!  Get paid to exercise.  There are many different apps and fitness accessories out there to record everytime you exercise.  Just link these up to your bounts accounts and exercise as normal and start earning.  This doesn't pay too highly but if you set it up at the start and then continue to exercise as normal then you will soon start getting the rewards.  Get 100 extra points when you register with this link and use steggle1693 as your code.

JustPark (used to be parkatmyhouse) This website lets you save money as well as earn money.  If you are looking for somewhere to park for shopping, station, airport etc then check this website, it is often cheaper to park at one of their members spaces and often safer as on a private drive.  Likewise if you live near somewhere with limited or expensive parking and have a space on your drive you can rent it out.  I'm lucky enough to live near a tube station and rent out a space on my drive for £15 a week, obviously it depends on where you live as to how much you can get.

Mintvine-you will receive 200 points ($2) when you first sign up with this link.  And can cash out when you reach 1000 points ($10) There are some good surveys and there is also a daily poll which pays between 5-10points

Inboxpounds-You receive £1 for signing up.  This is another website that pays you for searching and also pays you to open emails.
Top Tip-let the emails build up over the week and then open them all at the same time.

I am always looking for new and easy ways to make money and will add them to my facebook group so please like to be added so that you do not miss out on extra money opportunities.

Monday, 9 September 2013

My favourite money making website-instagc top tips

I love finding new ways to make money and have tried lots of different websites but I have to say that instagc is by far my favourite.

I've only been with them just over 2 weeks and have already had over £30 and only spend probably between 10 minutes to an hour each day that I can.  At first I found the website a little confusing which is why I am writing this blog to tell you the best way to earn.

  1. Sign up with instagc
  2. Click on listen to music.  This will open a new tab, leave this open and every 10 minutes go to the tab and enter a code.  This will get you a new code every 10 mins-easy money.
  3. Click on watch videos.  I find TokenAds normally has quite a few and they update new ones often.  Matomy money also often has good ones, but check all just to make sure.
  4. Click on visit sites.  These are very easy, click on the link then either click on a tab or a video and you receive your points.
  5. Click on complete tasks and go to crowd flower.  There are different tasks added throughout the day and some are better than others, you will soon find which ones you like doing.  Some are repeated each day and so take only a few seconds as you start to remember the answers.
  6. Finally have a look around at the different offers. Sometimes you can get some big points for hardly any effort.  On trailpay I managed to get over 800 points just for downloading a few apps to my phone, as soon as they credited I deleted the apps.  You may find it useful to set up a new email account, as some of the offers require an email address.
Hopefully you will soon realise what an excellent website this is.  

Happy money making http://www.instagc.com/124695 

PS forgot to say that if you do not want to listen to the radio or the videos, then you also get credited if your computer is on mute. :-)  

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

a few simple and easy ways to make extra money

A bit about my blog

I am always looking for ways to make some extra cash.  The internet is a great place to start, although these websites won't necessary make you 'rich', if you use them regularly they will definitely give you some extra play money. :-)  Over the last couple of years I have made over £3000 using these different websites.  The important thing to remember is, just like the title of my blog suggests-if you always look after the pennies the pounds WILL look after themselves.

Some of the websites listed will only earn you small amounts at first but if you keep at it you WILL find that it adds up very quickly.  With many of these sites; to get the most of what you have earned it can be better to get paid with vouchers such as amazon as they give you bonus' if you choose to get paid this way, however money is an option too if you prefer.

Please note that I have been with these different websites for many years and have found them all to be completely secure.

Good luck with all your saving-be it to pay off a debt, buy something small you have your eye on or aim high and pay for a holiday or all the Christmass presents.

Cashback sites

If you are buying ANYTHING online, including flights, insurance, changing banks, clothes, electricals etc ALWAYS check if you can get cashback on what you are buying.  There are many cashback sites these days, however I have found that Topcashback often has the best rates, although always check with Quidco as occasionally they have a higher rate or merchants that are not available on Topcashback.  Both websites also have sites where you can earn cashback without spending a penny.   Generally cashback is paid without any problems, however occasionally it can get refused so never bank on it and always remember to check your account to claim your money/rewards when ready.

Credit cards (always pay in full)

When buying anything (no matter how small)  use a credit card which offers rewards. I use an american express card which offers cashback, which at the moment will pay you a bonus of £25 (when this was written) I also use a tesco mastercard for places which do not take amex.  I am not saying they are the best, just that they are ones I found best at the time for my spending needs.  You can find out which credit card suits you.  Remember always use Topcashback or Quidco to see if you can get extra cashback when applying for a new credit card.


This is probably my new favourite.  Instagc,  I have been with them only about a week and have already had about £15 amazon vouchers.  This is available in most countries.  100 points=$1, 160 points =£1.  Unlike other websites which are similar you are able to receive your giftcard instantly and you can redeem in just $1/£1 denominations, so no need to wait around.


Swagbucks is a website where you earn points (swagbucks-SB) for completing different tasks.  This could be through completing surveys, watching videos, searching the internet and even playing games! The best way to make SB is to download their toolbar, this then lets you search easily, check for bonus codes and watch the videos.  I find that you can play the videos with the sound off in a different tab and then click on a new one whenever you remember, this way the SB soon add up with very little effort.  Search through Swagbucks as your search engine and you can win extra SB.  There are also a range of tasks that you can complete for varying amount of SB some of which can actually be quite interesting.  There are some fun games which you can play for free and sometimes win SB or if you find you are really good at these games you can always enter some of the tournaments. If you regularly meet their daily goal you can also get extra bonus SB. Check for yourself to see how you prefer to make your swagbucks.


Obviously shopping normally is not a way to make money-it's a way to lose money.  However if you join up with Quidco as mentioned earlier you can put in your credit/debit card details which can earn you in store cashback in some shops, including going to the cinema.  You can also download the Quidco app which allows you to 'check in' to certain shops and pays you to do so.


If you are buying anything online, after checking Topcashback and Quidco if they do not give you a voucher code or promotion code always type into your Swagbucks search to see if they have any promotion codes to save you a little extra money, although be careful as this can sometimes mean you lose your cashback so work out which will save you the most.

These are just a few ways to get you started to make your extra cash, although please check back regularly for new websites and ideas. :-)

A few extra Money making websites

Happy saving!